HVAC Validation

Dear Sir,
I Requested to You Sir
I want Updated HVAC Guilines of ISO 14644:2015 all Parts sir , Actuvally i have Old versions .

Please Send me How i get the Updated ISO Guidelines

ISO guidelines are copyrighted material and can’t be distributed.

You need to purchase it, or Google it may be you can get free of charge

Dear All,
What do you mean by:
AHU zoning
Air balancing &
Airflow direction maps
for HVAC validation


  1. AHU zoning is presentation of the different ISO class in total manufacturing/warehouse/quality control area.
    i.e. ISO class 8, ISO class 7

  2. “Air balancing” is the Air circulation required in one area. Through air balancing you can set pressure gradient between the area. It is very important for control contamination.

  3. Air direction maps is the representation of the of the air traveling through high pressure area to low pressure area, it is required to show that your manufacturing area is well protected.