HPLC trouble shooting

During calibration HPLC found some problems, please help me to solve.

Injector precision- carried this test and injected 5injection and then calculated the injection volume for per injection but it shows 16ul instead of 20ul. Please tell me how to solve this issue.
Quaternary gradient accuracy test- please tell me, here we have to remove column during test?
And also tell me what sample should be keep in sample tray to perform this this?. Water or any other solvent?
Please help

First of all u check the Gradiant propertity test after this u check injection Neddle may be This is the issue of Injector.and after all done u have face some probulam so call the Enginners.

Sample is water only and injection need to be rinse with methanol or acetonitrile more times before starting analysis then also it is failing means you need to call service engineers they will rectify or they will change that part and for gradient test you need to keep empty vial no need to remove column during test. Gradient test failing means column or gradient pump problem not injector problem.