Hplc column destruction

Kindly brief the Hplc column destruction method

Maintained the colunm destruction Log book as per inhouse SOP or corporate SOP and mentioned the remark in log book and send to the engineering department.

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Sir I want to know the destruction procedure, how to destroy the column

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@senkajal67 You can do following with the rejected HPLC columns.

  1. You can return the column to the manufacturing company as some companies take them back.
  2. You can donate them to colleges and universities as these may still useful for them.
  3. If both of above options are not available then remove the column end fittings and frits, flush out the stationary phase and rinse the column with hexanes, remove labels from the column and send the steel parts to a scrap steel company.

Every organization have scarp yard procedure to destroy the all component i.e. elecronic assembelies , packaging scrap , construction waste, media fill sample,spesnt carbon, resin, filter bag rubber , plastic material but not limited to.

You can use 3rd option of ankur sir’s comments for destruction.