How to reduce product cycle time?

How to reduce product cycle time?
Please, give me some practical examples for granulation and compression area.

You can reduce the time cycle of production through the following considerations,

  • Reduce the mixing time of dry ingredients before granulation without affecting uniformity of mixing the ingredients
  • Similarly, reduce drying time by increasing the temperature of the drying of granules without affecting quality of product
  • Increase the compression speed of the tablets compression machine without affecting tablet’s physical parameters as per specifications.
  • Reduce manual handling of materials and incorporate automation (for example, material transfer)
  • Increase the batch size (or reduce the number of sub lots in one batch- like drying lots, coating lots
  • Use directly compressible/granular material to eliminate granulation. Just do lubrication of readymade granules.
    -Every time please do the process optimization and finally validation to ensure that the quality of the product is not affected by making changes in the current processes and you must be able to manufacture the product batches consistently. Involve R&D in this exercise. Also please check the regulatory filing impact on product dossier requirements of that country.
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Thank you sir for your informations.

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