How to qualify the new incubator

how to qualify the new bought incubator

Go for DQ,IQ,OQ and PQ for your new equipment.

ok sir thanks for your response but my doubt they DQ, IQ, OQ, is our pat of work (OR) supplier part of work.

Generally, these are provided by the supplier at the time of installation.

Thank you so much and sir how to perform the PQ for the equipment of incubator.

Monitor the working of incubator for three consecutive days i.e temperature mapping at different places in chambers.

Thank you so much and sir they three consecutive days of monitoring must be record i know. Then how to write the PQ working document whatever parameters should be incorporated in this document.

Dear Sir, I have a question about temperature for PQ of incubator, can we perform qualification for maximum temperature and minimum temperature instead of all temperature level of routine use?, do we have any references to justify it?. Thank you so much Sir.