How to choose a Rotary Tablet Press machine with right tooling model and type?

• How to choose a Rotary Tablet Press machine?
• While Searching online, I found some specifications in regard to the tooling model type, sizes and reference for (B, BB, D, and DB), but I couldn’t find any references for ( B2, BB2, R, RB, RB2, D3, DD2, ……. etc.), Could you please refer me to any guide, and understand the differences to each of the above mentioned models and types?
• What is the dual compression?
• What is the double sided?
• Keyed upper head guide?
• Keyed head?

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance

B type compression machines for low pressure
D type exert more pressure than B type

There are different in size of punch and dies
D tooling machine u can give more pressure
Mixing of D tooling and B tooling it’s made DB tooling
In DB tooling machine punch size Is reccieved from D tooling and die size is reccieved from B tooling