How to choose a die for sampling of blender

How to choose a die for sampling of blender please provide me answer in brief and what formula and terms are applied behind that


Sampling dies are selected according to the quantity to be sampled for the the analysis. Sampling thief is used for the sampling of the blender.

But sir ,why smpaling die unit in ml and we mainly use in mg or gm, so how to we use ml die for sampling in mg

Please provide formula ,how to select a die for sampling of specific range of dose

  1. Need to find Bulk density of blend…that is already known during trial , scale up or validation run…so can get from F&D research people…or u can find with Bulk density simple formula…

  2. Bulk Density value is in Gm, so convert it in mg, by dividing with 1000.

  3. Now, Formula:

Blend sample requiered in unit die (in mg) / Bulk density (in mg).

Final Value will give die size…u need to choose.

Extra information:
Die size is in CC, and 1 CC= 1ml.

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Sir please please simply Write the formula with Example

Bulk density =mass/volume

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