How to calculate Equilibration time of autoclave in this situation?


I want to ask you just one question.

The fastest time when point 1 temperature reaches 121°C is 16: 20: 35

The latest time when point 3 temperature reaches 121°C is 16: 20: 40

Then we can calcute the Equilibration time.

It’s 5s, right?

But, after 16:20:40, The point 3 temperature is changed to under 121.0°C.

when it’s 16:20:55, the point 3 temperature is back to above 121°C.

In this case, How to calculate Equilibration time?

Thank you

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Hello and welcome!

How does your autoclave control different phases of the process? e.g. heating phase to exposure/sterilization phase?

Most autoclaves have a sterilization temperature range or band, where the control system (CS) of the autoclave controls the temperature of the load during the sterilization phase. For example: an autoclave that sterilizes at 121°C, might have a sterilization temperature range of 120.0 to 123.0. This way, once the autoclave reaches 120.0, hardly ever will go down in the next few minutes, because the CS will increase the temperature until it reaches 121.0, varying between 120 to 123; in this example, the equilibration time is calculated using 120.0 as the end point temperature, or start of the sterilization phase.

Is this scenario similar to yours? Does your autoclave use saturated steam or superheated water?

On a side note: the equilibration time is the time it takes the load to reach the sterilization temperature, once the autolave had reached it; since the chamber gets heated faster than the load.

I hope this helps.

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