How define Batch and Lot in Pharmaceutical

Batch Number and Lot Number are both terms used in the pharmaceutical industry to identify and trace specific groups of products, but they have slightly different implications:

  1. Batch Number:
  • A Batch Number is a unique identifier assigned to a specific quantity of a product that is manufactured or processed together.
  • It represents a single production run of a product, during which raw materials and manufacturing conditions remain consistent.
  • Batch Numbers are crucial for quality control, as they help track and monitor products in case issues arise, allowing manufacturers to identify and recall specific problematic batches.
  1. Lot Number:
  • A Lot Number is a broader term that can encompass multiple batches.
  • It refers to a group of products that are manufactured under similar conditions, using the same recipe and raw materials, but may span across different production runs.
  • Lot Numbers are useful for statistical sampling, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance, as they provide information about the common characteristics of a larger set of products.

In summary, while both Batch Numbers and Lot Numbers serve to identify and track products, Batch Numbers pertain to individual manufacturing runs, whereas Lot Numbers encompass a larger group of products that share common attributes but may come from different batches.

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