Hi guys this following problem how to solve

i was worked in two types of pharmaceutical industries now i meet one challenge that is the scda media incubated in 30-35 c condition under 3-5 days for TAMC (Total Aerobic Microbial Count) and SDA plates are incubated in 20-25 c condition under 5-7 days for TFC nor TYMCb (Total Fngal Count nor Total Yeast and Mould Count) the incubated both media is breaked and going to be char for the minimum of incubation period. nothing to change of temperature i don’t know how do this happen. if any one faced this type of issue and pls tell abt how to you solved.

Add some glycerol in the media before sterilization, your problem would be solved.


Can you tell the list or total ingradients and there percentage used to prepare that media.