Hepa filter leak test

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What is the frequency for hepa filter leak test?
Is there any guideline for this?

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HEPA filter integrity test perform ones in six month also be check ISO 14644-1 for HVAC standard

Biannual by DOP test.

Is DOP still used?
PAO is a more common replacement for DOP

Depends one the grade and application.
Normally every year HEPA leak test should be performed but can be 6 month depending on the application (This should be controlled by SOP)

There are two kinds of guideline


There are some other guideline but the above are the most used.

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Test name is DOP.
Here DOP mean Dispersed oil particulate not Dioctyl Phthalate.

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OIL used is PAO not Dioctyl Phthalate.bcz Dioctyl Phthalate is baned due to carcinogenic activiy.

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Because I have performed several HEPA leak tests with PAO.
The main reason is that DOP is a chemical which can increase the chance for cancer at people.
(Study is published by JACA Japan Air Cleaning Association)
For clean room HEPA filter the problem is the seal of the HEPA filter. If there is a leak a lot of DOP will pass through.

That is why PAO is being used since this is save and does not harm people.

ISO or IEST are mention PAO as main product to test with.