Hepa filter leak test And integrity test

What is difference between hepa filter integrity test and hepa filter leak test.

both tests are same and using for HEPA filter efficiency / integrity / leakage.

Leakage may found from side Leakage of frame after installation. Fail of integrity because of rupture of filter media.
Use of filter above rated capacity of filter may be reason of rupture of filter.
Filters also to be visually inspect for any damage help us.

what is the lifetime for PAO used for HEPA filter integrity testing?

In sealed container its 10 years and in open container its 1 year. as per JACA Japan air cleaning association.

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Can you send that JACA through Whatsapp if it free downloadable please send the link.(9959227699)

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I have read this somewhere else.
I know only JACA no which is 37 (JACA no 37-2001)Development of PAO (poly-alpha-olefin) Particle Generator.

But i think all publications written only in japanese language.

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I am sending you the ABSTRACT
DOP (dioctyl-phthalate) is used as a standard particle for the test of respirators and air filters. However, DOP is recently
suspected as an endocrine disrupter. To avoid the use of chemicals of which safety is suspected, we need to find an
alternative test particle with less toxicity and with suitable particle characteristics.
From such a standpoint, the technical committee of JACA (Japan Air Cleaning Association), has released “The Guideline
of Substitute Materials for DOP, JACA No.37 (2001)”. We developed the PAO particle generator incorporating a
nebuliser, and evaluated the device on the basis of this standard. As the result, this generator generates PAO particles
with average CMD less than 0.2μm, with GSD less than 1.8, and at concentration higher than 30mg/m3
. We have also
studied NaCl and DOP particle generation comparatively with the same type of generators. Those generators generated
NaCl particles with average CMD less than 0.1μm with GSD less than 1.8, and at concentration about 30mg/m3
, and
generated DOP particles with average CMD less than 0.25μm, with GSD less than 1.6, and at concentration about
This result shows PAO is recommended as an alternative of DOP for the test aerosol of particle respirator filtration

CMD is count median diameter it is also known as geometric mean diameter.
GSD is geometric standard deviation.

Could you please explian about CMD,GSD.