Hard gelatin capsule shell

Hard gelatin capsule shell is excipient or primary packing material?

It is excipient. Shells are made with gelatin.


Gelatin shells are primry packging material

No, it is excipient.

Gelatin is excipient not a primary packing material.

sory im wrong
Yes. I got it. It is excipient. Mentioned as excipient in USP chapter Excipient Performance <1059>.

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As it swallowed directly it must be excipient

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i have a question many industrues dispense shells by packaging material store not by raw material store.why?

Whether it is dispensed from RM Stores or PM Stores, proper storage conditions should be maintained to ensure the empty capsules quality attributes are unaltered.

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As the Quantity of the capsule shells comes as in term of numbers, hence weighing is not required and it is dispensed as bag wise.


Hard gelatin capsule shell is excipient.
And as with other drug-delivery systems, careful attention should be paid to the purity and chemical reactivity of all excipients that are to be excapsulated in a gelatin shell.
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