Handling procedure for Non Moving Material

there is any SOP for Handling procedure for Non Moving Material?

Are you referring to what type of materials, Raw materials, Packaging materials, Finished products, Semi-Finished products or equipment, Accessories, or other items/assets?
Please clarify.

Raw material

Non-moving raw materials should be handled according to internal SOP. This should include but not limited to the following,

  • Identify non-moving raw material and segregate it from the other materials (Fast and slow-moving materials). Verify the quantities from the stock register (Inventory control system).
  • Investigate the reason(s) of non-moving material (due to discontinuation of some products or transfer of products to other manufacturing sites or the material is expired.)
  • Find out the cost and inform to Finance / Accounts department.
  • Seek their approval from the Accounts department Head & / or as appropriate department Head for disposing-off the material.
  • Non-moving material, if within shelf life may be returned to the supplier/manufacturer or may be transferred to other sites where they will be used.
  • Ensure that non-moving raw material is QC-approved before being transferred to another site for use.
    -Transfer such raw material to another site under appropriate storage conditions.
  • Other non-moving material should be destroyed as per internal SOP.
  • Record the actions as above in the Material Inventory records. (either disposed-off or destruction of material) & inform the concerned department Heads.

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could you please elaborate also for finished, intermediates, equipment’s …

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