Hand gloves sanitization practices

Hand gloves and its Sanitization Practices
The sterile gloves worn by personnel shall be sanitized with sterile USP filtered 70% Isopropyl alcohol (DEC-AHOL) bottle /70% filtered IPA.|
70% filtered IPA shall be freshly prepared and filled/refilled up to the mark (approximately half of the bottle) under LAF in steam sterilized bottle.|
Location of IPA bottles/70% Isopropyl alcohol (DEC-AHOL) bottle is mentioned in Annexure-II.|
Hand sanitization practices shall be as per SOP/CSP/141.|
Sanitization of hand gloves with sanitizing solution shall be done at least in following situation:-
1.Within 20 min. frequency during any operation.
2.When person is passing from lower class to higher class
3.Before using any sterilized equipments / accessories / materials.
4.Before doing any operation /adjustment on filling machine.
5.After doing any cleaning activity.
6.After change of hand gloves during operation.
7.After completion of one activity and start of next activity.
8.After touching any surface in controlled area.
9.Hand gloves shall be inspected frequently and replaced if found torn, punctured or dirty.


what kind of material is used to manufacture these Hand gloves?

These are surgical gloves made of natural rubber latex

what kind of hand gloves is used in solid dosage form?

non sterile powder free gloves is used in solid dosage form.

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Dear Mr. Manoj

Any study required to define the frequency of sanitisation as 20 min??, or its genearl GMP practice!!.