Guideline updation

Dear Experts,
There are many guideline for different different thing and these guidelines are also being regularly updated by the authority.
My question is that how can i acknowledge that what guideline has been updated. Means is any publication which tell us that this this guideline has been updated today and new version is implemented.
becz i wanna get in touch with recently updated guideline.
For e.g. - If any guideline is updated today then how should i know at the same day that this guideline has been updated.
Plz help

One more thing i wanna know that which guideline is used mostly for which thing.
For e.g. PIC/S guideline for Site master file and so on.
So i need the name of mostly used guideline with their purpose.
Thanks in advance

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follow that link for updated guideline also be second option hire consultant for guideline updation.


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