Growth Promotion Test

Is it necessary to perform GPT on receipt of media? Guidelines say that it shd be performed on each sterlized lot.
Due to this I have mentioned in my SOP to perform each sterilized lot, but my boss is pressurizing to include for accepting lot, GPT is to be performed on receipt of media containers. Pls help with justification

Can any one ans pls…

OK I think you hve to perform gpt with newly received lot also because if you will Not perform gpt of new lot , when u will start using new lot n u will not get gpt result with in limits then what u will do. How u will test ur sample.if u will indent new media it will take time .so u need to perform while receiving a new lot

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I think it depends on ur quality system. GMP is done for each batch of sterilised prepared media or media that has been purchased (ready plates). For ISO 17025 i believe is has to be done ones for every purchased media. But again, follow your quality system recommendation/method

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Media Gpt should be performed every new lot , then after ward you can assure that media is suitable to further use.