Granulation end point

what means can i use to detrmine the end point of shear granulation.My granulator(mass mixer) does not have a provision for torque measurement.Am considering using moisture content monitoring or granulate density,how are others going about it?

Ampere reading

You may use Ampere reading determination to detect the granulation end point. Besides, you can have judgement by visual observation of the granulation end point. The material under granulation should not become too sticky (over granulation) to form big lumps nor should the material be with lot of loose powder- (under granulation).


@sunilrbudhkar sir, what would the case in drying? how am I gonna determine end point of drying?

For drying process end point, determination of Loss on drying of dried samples would be the appropriate method to determine end point to of drying. The time taken for drying under specified temperature and other processing conditions to get desired Loss on drying should be standardised during process optimization studies. Once standardised, the drying process should be validated as a part of process validation. Generally, there is a corelation between inlet and outlet temperature of FBD in case of drying by Fluidized Bed dryer method. This can be established during process optimization studies.


@sunilrbudhkar sir, thank u.
now can you tell me what should I need to do if material get over dry or wet or form lumps?

If the material gets over dried then apply little purified water by sprinkling it on the dried material, raking the material and redrying it carefully. Determine LOD and stop drying when desired LOD as per specification is obtained.
If the the material is wet or under dried, break the wet lumps and entire mass by passing through multimill. Dry this material, check LOD.


@sunilrbudhkar Sir, I dont know what raking the material is. Can you explain it?

“Raking” can be done manually with the help of a long spatula like rod of stainless steel. The material is mixed thoroughly in the FBD bowl by scraping action while raking to ensure that the material is homogeneous before drying.

@sunilrbudhkar thank you sir

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You are most welcome.