Gowning procedure for wet cleaning

Suggest the best gowning procedure for wet cleaning or type B cleaning.
During type B cleaning the concern person get soaked (Wet) so to avoid self weting we can use special gowning but after that some questions arises like storage, cleaning, Handing of that gown and also cost of the same.
Pls suggest anything if anybody know.

Dear Rahul,
So far i know some company use disposable plastic over suit/gown


Dear asif Hussain,
Can you give info in details as like purchase cost, handling, destruction etc.

use parashot gowning with long sleev gloves n long boots.
All These r washable and can b reused.


Disposable rain coats can be used during change over. It costs about 50-52 RS per piece and storing them is also very easy because each piece is delivered in folded condition inside a sample polybag. And for the feets long rubber boots can be used