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(Manoj Singh) #1

First of all which document should be filled? A) BMR. B)Log record


(Ankur Choudhary) #2

You should fill log record first, immediately after use of equipment.


(Deepak Jaiswal) #3

Fill the documents with legibility


(dushyant) #4

Log book entry to be filled firt. Later other documentary i.e. batch record.

Many organizatin have IH procedure i.e. Log record filled by trainned technician and Batch record filled by chemist(pharmacist)/supervisor.


(Farhan Nazar Shah) #5

both documents should be filled at the time of process. Log book is your document evidence to describe your usage of equipment ,time ,date ,for which purpose it is used and who involved in the activity. This all concern meet the data integrity while BMR show the actual process how it is performed. both are parallel with each other.

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(Md.Asif Hussain) #6

Basically, for any activity to start first of all you need to have area, eqipment Cleaning and sanitisation log book followed by activity-BMRs and end of the activity, batch closing…Usage and Cleaning activity


(Sajjad Ahmad) #7

Log book is used to show that a specific activity is performed in a specific area or equipment.
BMR is used to manufacture a batch according to defined procedure.
In a routine manufacturing BMR is started to be filled first e.g when we take line clearance we fill Machine deployment sheets n personal deployment sheets, materials quantity sheets etc.
No equipment usage log book is filled before line clearance.
Then after line clearance we mention batch start up time in “Area loog” book but not close time.
Then for example if we use double cone blender we fill Bmr for mixing procedure n sign it and record activity in Equipment loog book of double cone blender with start up time n end time.
Then e.g we use FBD,granulator,other mixer etc according to BMR n activity is recorded in Log book og that specific equipment.
At end Of granulation procedure we check Batch yield n close the Bmr till granulation procedure.Then at the end we record close up time of that batch in area loog book.
Simply mean equipment loog books r completed at end of equipment usage n area loog books r completed at end of full manufacturing in a specific area etc Granulation A,B etc.
To summarize the topic BMR filling start First at the beginning of line clearance and is completed till yield checking.
loog book filling start after line clearance and is completed after yield checking is done and BMR is closed.


(Meenakshi Gupta) #8

first bmr is filled and then concerned logbooks are filled.


(Ajay S) #9

Activities are logged in batch sheet according to the log record of respective equipments used in the process, hence log record is filled first and then the batch sheet.


(Sajjad Ahmad) #10

Equipments are selected according to machine deployment sheet of BMR then activity is performed so BMR is filled first.