Glassware calibration

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i just want to know is there any provision that some particular volumetric glassware calibrated and certified from some accredited laboratory can be taken as reference standard and other glassware for daily routine quantitative analysis can be calibrated with respect to those?
can there be any calibration method that can be performed against some reference standard in case of volumetric glassware?

Reference glassware is not required for glassware calibration. volume of the glassware must be within the limit.

sir actually some company is following this as their calibration method.
they have calibrated some glassware from outside with proper certificates and they are doing their internal calibration with respect to those…comparing the volume data.

No class A glassware are already calibrated and have certificate with them and if you want to calibrate class B glassware then you have to calibrate them with water. All pharmacopoeia have given the tolerance limit of all types of glassware

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sir if some maker like borosil or pyrex give their own certificates along with their glassware do they have to calibrate again from any outside accredited laboratory to consider them to be useful as class A glassware?

No need to calibrate these glassware again, only file the certificates and show to auditor when asked.