Gentian violet ( 10B )

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Good Morning . We are developing an analytical method for gencin violet (10B) from USP 43 We searched in all the textbooks we know and all over the internet without success. I ask for the help of this group to send us the chemical equations that occur during the execution of the method.

The details of Gentian violet are as follows,

Chemical structure depiction:


Crystal violet is an organic chloride salt that is the monochloride salt of the crystal violet cation. It has been used in creams for the topical treatment of bacterial and fungal infections, being effective against some Gram-positive bacteria (notably Staphylococcus species) and some pathogenic fungi (including Candida species) but uses declined following reports of animal carcinogenicity. It has also been used for dying wood, silk, and paper, as well as a histological stain. It has a role as a histological dye, an antiseptic drug, an antibacterial agent, an antifungal agent, and an anthelminthic drug. It contains a crystal violet cation.

Please refer USFDA website for the analytical method:

There is one more analytical method used for determination of Crystal violet (Gentian violet) in cream base as follows:

Good afternoon. Very grateful for your response. The pharmacopeia in question is the USP of which edition? Is this method is specific for gentian violet 10B or does it dose gentian violet 2B as well?

The assay of Gentian violet by UV Spectrophotometry is obtained from USP-32, under the monograph of Gentian violet cream USP.

You may find out the type of Gentian violet (10B or 2B) from the reference standard USP to be used in the assay method OR from the chemical and structural formula of Gentian violet as per USP as follows,

Hope this information should suffice.