Garments for non sterile products

Dear all,
In our new Microbial Lab, we are going to analyze Microbial contamination test (TBC,TFC & pathogens) under LAF. of non sterile product.The area is of class 10000. (Class- C)

Please let me know, which type of garments required to wear?

I think, clean, dedicated & non sterile O.T.suit / cover-all, will do.

Please advise…

Yes definitely sir,
In class 10 000 ,we require only lint free,iron able full O.T. dress.
For pathogens,sub culture handling there shall be separated bin can be provided,if entrance is common.
Normally in FDA facilities also have same practice.
But provision should be available if there is any contamination risk while handling culture.
They should be deconatamination .

Thanks a lot.