Fumigation procedure

Dear sir
is there any new method of fumigation without irritation to eyes and no needed of exhaust fumigation (formaldehyde) for pharma unit.
basically we are into IVF field, manufacturing cell culture media (sperm wash media). this media is little bit sensitive due to contain high volume of protein (HSA). we setup a new production unit with AHU class 10000 but without exhaust facility. for the oldest procedure of fumigation with formalin + potassium permanganate need to exhaust fumes. so without exhaust facility how to release fumes from production room? please suggest if any new method of fumigation without which dose not required exhaust.

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Usage of formaldehyde is not being recommended due to its carcinogenic nature and holding of the traces of formaldehyde ,Difficult in removal of the traces after fumigation . Hydrogen Peroxide ( Virosil ) usage is in progress .

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@Ns_Negi fumigation is now replaced by fogging.
Use solutions containing Hydrogen peroxide and Silver nitrate and spray using a fogger in the room.
You can visit the following article to know more about fumigation.

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we can use steriline FG solution for fumigation .it is low concentrate and effective.

Dear Sir class C are its is required every shift area sanitization or once in day any guideline is there currently procedures we are doing every shift cleaning but I required once in day any document evidence …plz reply sir

Dear Ankur,
Article is very good . please try to elaborate the article with mentioning the quantity of fogging agents used . I hope budding pharmacist will see this article with more enthusiastic way.


Sir what percentage need to mix of both for fogging. actually we have Hydrogen Peroxide 30% W/V in 500ml and Silver Nitrate N/50 in 500ml
how to use it?
need to dilute the percentage
is 30% of hydrogen peroxide is okay to use.