Fumigation Chemical

Name of chemical used for fumigation to kill insects and flies in producton area?

Formaldehyde+KMnO4 or formaline vapour is used as fumigation agent but now it is not in use.

You can use insectocutor in place of fumigation.

insecticutr are installed but we also plan fumigation after every 4 mnths

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i thnk its to kill microbes not insects?

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Insectocutor is fly killing device.I.e fly o cide


Ya, I agree with Sajid. Foramaline vapour is used to kill fungal spores, not insect. Do you use the pest control box or UV lights lamps for killing insects. I think, now a days UV lamps available to control pest for clean rooms.


Nowadays instead of fumigation fogging is done in areas to kill microbes.and the material that is used is varosil

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20% v/v virosil or silvicide solution is used for fogging.

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in class D?

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yes it can be used in class D area.

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it kills microbes or insects?

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It is used for kill of Microbes not insects.

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For insects and flies use insecticutors.

What is the frequency of it.

Which disinfectant is best for fumigation in Class A, B.

VHP (Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide)

It is toxic also. What is the procedure?