Friability of Tablets

If tablet weight is less than 650 mg then we take approx 6.5 gm tablets.(not less than 6.5 gm)
But what about higher limit?
Can we take 8 gm or 15 gm? Any weight we can take?

Take 10 Tablets for friability test.

No. If the individual unit weight is less than 650 mg the weight approximately equal to 6.5 GM’s to be taken but tablets with a unit weight of more than 650 mg, take a sample of 10 whole tablets. Refer USP Chapter 1216

Yes sir, if tablet weight is less then 650 mg, so we have to take approx 6.50 gm tablets…
But my question is what about approx 6.5 gm???
Bcz some1 take 6.70 gm and some1 take 8.20 gm tablets for friability of the same weight tablet.
So is it ok?
For example if tablet weight is 100mg.
So some1 take 6.7 gm (approx 67 tablets)
And some1 take 8.2 gm (approx 82 tablets)
Is it ok?

It should be close to 6.5 gms only.

USP clearly states as close as possible. So be close to 6.5 only.

Take 10 whole tablets

Why we take 6.5 gm tab weight as per udo
Is it any reason behind that

Use the nearest possible weight to 6.5 g according to Pharmacopoeias


What should be the distance of tablet falling? why?

from 6 inches

The tablet friability General chapter is an internationally harmonized chapter

You can see all the details in the provided link

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