Food grade lubricants testing

(Sachin Sathe) #1

Hello sir,
Is any test parameter or any method to do the analysis of food grade lubricants?

Or if any reference for the testing of the same

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(Ankur Choudhary) #2

Like all other lubricants, food grade lube is used to provide protection against wear, friction, oxidation, corrosion, and must be compatible with rubber and other sealing materials.

(Sachin Sathe) #3

ok sir…but how to test these lubricants.? which testing pararmeter used for the testing

(Sanjay Shah) #4

Take the Food Grade Certificate from the manufacturer.

(Valiveti) #5

take MOA and specification from supplier.

(Venkatesh Venki) #6

I need more details about food grade oil.and any documents for using