Filtration and centrifuge in assay or dissolution dilution

In assay or dissolution methods some are using centrifuge the solution and some are using different types of filters. My quary is that why we are using centrifuge when we have many typs of filter If we use a suitable filter instead of centrifuge(centrifuge mention in STP) , will it have any effect on assay?

Some times centrifugation is preferred than filtration using specific filters. This is because in specific cases the filtration may take longer time or filter material may react with the solution / analyte to be filtered.
In any case, you will have to demonstrate filtration or centrifugation process during Analytical method validation as done by R&D. You can not change the filtration method (use of different type of filter papers or medium) as used during Analytical method validation. Also you can not use filtration method for routine analysis if analytical method validation specifies to use centrifugation method.
If you want to change anything, then you will have to revalidate the original analytical method.

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