Filter for compressed air

Can admin give me documents to test filter for compresed air in pharmaceutical industry (Ex: iso 12500)
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Air filter integrity is not possible but if you have any problem occurs in air quality as per BP parameter then you should able to replace the air filter:

|Odour|–|No Appreciable|
|Carbon Dioxide|ppm|NMT 500.0|
|Carbon Monoxide|ppm|NMT 5.0|
|Oxygen|%|19.5% to 21.5%|
|Sulfur Dioxide|ppm|NMT 1.0|
|Oxides of Nitrogen|ppm|NMT 2.0|
|Hydrogen Sulphide|ppm|Not Specified|
|Oil Mist|mg/m3|NMT 0.10|
|Non Viable Particle|No. of Particle/ m3|NMT 1,00000 Particle of

(≤ 0.5 µ)|
|NMT 100 Particle of
(1 - 5.0 µ)|
|Moisture|ppm|NMT 870|
|Dew Point|ºC|NMT – 20|
|Total Viable Count|CFU/m3|NMT 100

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in case of compressed air cartridge filter or capsule filter you can perform integrity test by millipore, sartorius or palltronic machine.

dear, are u use palltronic machine for post integrity for membrane holder filter ?