Fate of tablets

Suppose we r compressing a tablet Batch at 10 kp hardness.range is 7-12 kp.batch is running smooth but after 35 min Prd pharmacist found low hardness tabs of 4,5 kp in container and operator said he checked it 5 min before it was in range.
so what will be the fate of all compressed tab in container?



The hardness of tablet is not an official parameter to comply with but you should check some tablets for hardness and if found failed then you must remove top tablets from container and reprocess those in the next batch.

what to do if tabs r mixed in full container.
and suppose if in 2nd case weight of individual tabs is out of range then what to do?

Is it ideal to mix one batch tablet with other?

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explain plz?

Ankur sir said that crush the tablet & mix with other batch. Is that comply with guideline?

1.To be check the moisture content of granules.
2. To be check the uniformity of mixing .
3.To be check the storage period of blended granules. take 2 kg of blend in poly bag and hand shake and pour in to the hopper. do not load 5 kg above.