Facing pH meter calibration

We had bought LabIndia 3 point calibration pH meter but pH Electrode broke. New pH electrode from LabIndia was costing 21000 but we replaced the new pH electrode with compatible new pH electrode. pH electrode is giving reading after calibrating externally with 3 pH buffer solutions but readings are coming out of limit with deviation of 0.25 which should be within limits 0.5 i.e 7.05 9.05 etc. 0.20 is exceeding the limit. We did called LabIndia they said charges for it. but we don’t how to calibrate the new pH meter electrode with internal settings of pH meter. We wish to know step wise instructions how to compensate deviation ininternally pH meter or by going inside the pH meter menu so that the deviation of 0.20 reading can be set and excess reading is compensated in the internal memory of LabIndia pH meter. Pls help 09780245081