Enzyme activity index

How to check Enzyme activity index. How much time will be took to complete the test? What are the equipment/ chemical required?

Generally, enzyme assays to determine enzymatic activity are chemical or microbiological based. Here, the time taken and the given amount of substrate to be digested by fixed amount of diluted enzyme solution at standard temperature are determined to calculate enzyme index.it is expressed as, for example 1:500 or 1:1000 etc. This means 1 part by weight of enzyme in purest form can digest 500 or 1000 parts by weight of substrate. Means, ln case of carbohydrates or starch, the enzyme diastase activity is expressed as 1:500. That is, 1 GM of Diastase enzyme can digest 500 GM of starch in to carbohydrates based on the experiments as described above.Similarly, papain is a proteolytic enzyme which digests protein in to amino acids. Proteolytic enzyme activity is determined on white part of eggs or milk protein like casein. Fats or oils are digested by Lypase enzyme. So, enzyme index is a ratio of minimum amount of enzyme capable of digesting known amount of substrates like, starch, proteins or Fats(as the case may be) under standardised conditions.