Environmental monitoring of settle plate method

can u tell me the guidelines which are supporting the Usage of SCDA plates rather than both SCDA and SDA. Currently we are using the procedure for both SCDA and SDA.

You can validate the growth of both bacteria and fungus on SCDA by growing known number of microbes on both media. With this supporting data you can use only SCDA.

Thank you very much sir. is it mentioned in any guideline l.e SCDA plates first incubate at 22.5 for 3 days and then 32.5 for 2 days. Please give confirmation.

It should be first at 32.5 C for 2 days followed by 22.5 C for 3 days.
Read page 788 of following USP chapter <1116>. You will get the answer to your both questions

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So you say that firstly we incubate TSA agar at 32.5 for 2 days and then 22.5 for 3 days.