Enteric coating

(Sajjad Ahmad) #1

what is the inprocess test of checking stability of enteric coating tabs.

(Sajjad Ahmad) #2

0.1 N hcl is used.
add enteric coated tabs in 0.1 Hcl sol n should remain stable for 2 hrs.
Stability improves as our weight gain on tabs increase.
at 5_6 %wt gn tabs may burst within an hour but by increasing wt gain stability time also increse and at 10_11% tabs are stable for 2 hrs.

(Ahmed Adel Ibrahim) #3

Dear Sajjad
Thank you for sharing the information
please clarify in details relation between stability time and wt ,this test use as indicator for pass dissolution test or must proceed with dissolution test in parallel ,

(Sajjad Ahmad) #4

dissulution test must pass after completon of coating process.
this test just help operator and prd pharmacist during coating process to gain confedence that process is smooth.

(Sajjad Ahmad) #5

As the wt gain increase stability time also increase which indicate that process is running smooth and deposit of coating material on tab is also good.