Dynamic Pass box

What are the minimum requirement during installing of Dynamic pass box and What are the test to be performed before usage of Dynamic pass box?


Major Installation utility requirement:
1.Power supply.
2.Inlet air preferably from B class

It comes as a package every component already installed as built…

Checks before usage:
1.Filter efficiency- leak test
2.Cleanliness level need to be ensured after installation, also recovery study.
3.Air filteration, pressure readings magnehelic.
4. Proper functioning of UV (if applicable)- certificate to be verified and intensity to be monitored.
5. Proper functioning of interlock system.
6. Smoke flow- air visualisation.


In a molecular laboratory, what type of pass box is required - Dynamic or static? For exchange between molecular detection room and reagent room.

where can one find a supplier for the pass box? a weblink or contact details will be appreciated.

Thank you.