Dynamic pass box

How you decide, the face of fresh air damper of dynamic pass box should be in which side?

Sir, it’s depending upon Area, need of application.
If it is
from unclassified to higher grade, then unclassified,
From Grade D to Grade B then in D area,
Some time CNC (control but not classified) area to easily monitoring of Doc’s procedure.
Another reason there shall be minimised documents work in aseptic Area.

From grade d to b, then face should be in b area.because fresh air damper will take more clean air from b area compare to d area and it will give more clean air .It will increase the life of HEPA filter installed in dynamic pass box.

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Is there classification gap, as dynamic is installed basically inbetween two different class!! Inbetween B and C area…


Yes,basically it is used between two different class.it may be d to b.we have dynamic pass box between aseptic area corridor(b grade) and equipment wash area(d grade) to transfer of used filling machine parts for cleaning