During compression how much tablet we takes for inprocess checking and why?like thickness, hardness, weight etc

during compression stage how much sample we take for inprocess checking and why???like thickness, weight, hardness etc

during initial m/c setting tablets equal to no. of punches.
routine inprocess at frequency specified in SOP.
individual wt : 20 tabs
Thickness : 5
hardness : 5
DT : 6
Friability : as per pharmacopiea

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If any proof… I mean usp reference to this counting of tablets taken in compression stage plz explain me

USP Chapter 1217 (Hardness)

USP Chapter 701 (Disintegration)

USP Chapter 1216 (Friability):


Thank you sir but Friabilator usp chapter number <1216> or chapter 41

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Thanks for the correction (this error was due to urgency)

I corrected the number in the original reply