Dry fogger 2 in pharmaceutical industry

(Ch Hasan) #1

Why the contact time after fogging must be 1 hour?

(Sunil Kute) #2

If you’re using micro organisation strip for validation there spore killing timing should be considered it should be 30 to 40 min

(Ahmed Gamal Khairy) #3

The contact time is settled according to the fog validation upon concept to be more than the kill time of the challenged Biological indicators used in validation which is already more resistance to fumigant

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(Albert Groeneveld) #4

Decontamination should be performed on cycle development.
! hour for contact sounds long and could be harmful for materials.
For cycle development you can use high resistant BIs (D value of 3 for example) which takes a long time to kill the BI.

It is important to have a balance point for having log 6 reduction (based on your requirements)

(Hasan El Sanhouty) #5

I my question is when I do fogging for filling area

(Hasan El Sanhouty) #6

I don’t understand your point

(Albert Groeneveld) #7

First your questions was not about fogging for filling area.
It is important to state your question with all related information

What I want to say is that fogging is not just on and of process, it is a process which needs to be validated and this can be done by cycle development. Filling line is operated in grade A area (laminar airflow, RABS, Isolator with a controlled environment.

fogging / decontamination can be performed on SOP or when a breach of the room/filling line has occurred.
Or if there is another external contamination happening.
Also if you work on batch base than you need to perform decontamination.