(Vandana) #1

Please tell me the reason of decreasing the pH of water. First day it will stable around 6-7 and next day suddenly pH will decrease to 4.
And also tell me how to control it.

(Dharmaraj Eknath Sangale) #2

During regeneration of DM water plant HCL used in large volume in comparison with NaOH.

(Amit Malviya) #3

pH will change time to time you can not control it because acid and base are contineuously used in treatment of water.

(Ankur Choudhary) #4

When CO2 dissolves in water it produces H2CO3 (carbonic acid) that is the main cause of the decrease in pH of water. You can store the water in a closed container to prevent this formation.

(Hiranmay malik) #5

Hello sir.
When the plant is continuous even then the same issue in pH is observed. In a continuous process what is the possibility of inclusion of CO2 into the stream of water??

(Rahul Kumar) #6

Regeneration of Cation Filter as per your monograph. Before regeneration you have to backwash the cation filter for 15 min. after that rinse for 5 min then after starts the regeneration process as per your procedure. after completion of regeneration only rinse up-to coming of pH 4. Routinely only rinse the cation filter for 5 min never backwash. and same procedure for anion filter , rinse the after regeneration of anion fltre after reaching pH-7…

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(Kishan Solanki) #7

During regeneration process of softer by using HCL then not sufficient Rinse of water then water come out to softer belong <5 pH