Dissolution problem in clomiphene citrate

Can anyone plz tell that which one is the perfect solubility enhancer & permeability enhancer for active clomiphene citrate?
I have tried many time to achieve dissolution of clomiphene citrate but I m failed in the same? The dissolution Limit of clomiphene citrate is 75-80%

what’s your formulation?

better to use PVP k30 as a binder.
gelatin n starch give strong bounding thats y drug relz is prolonged n results r not achieved.

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in current formulation u will have to increase the qty of any of following
cross-linked pvp
or SSG.
reduce granulation time
qty of water added

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if u dnt want to chang formulation then try to conduct a trial using more fine sieve?
currently u r using seive no?
ur tab wt?

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Currently I m using Sieve 100

After drying which sieve is used for grains?

30# sieve

so should try to change binder

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