Dissertation Topic

Hello everyone,
I work in Quality Assurance at a Pharmaceutical firm for last twenty some years. Recently I applied for PhD. program and my advisor is urging me to come up with a topic that relates to cGMP system that would work in Quality Systems. My problem is I have to come up with a topic so I can base my research on GMP related issues. I thought since we all are colleagues at work maybe you guys can shed some light on a topic dissertation. I can explain why I have not come up with a topic . Pharmaceuticals have cGMP guidelines and those are in most cases black and white. I have a hard time coming up with a topic that would solve a problem. I’d kindly ask if anyone can give me some feedback in this area, Much appreciated .

I am in the same dilemma, I need to search for a topic related to my DQM. (Doctorate of quality management)

And since I am in the field of pharmaceutical quality assurance and auditing. I need a related topic.

Maybe we can help each other.

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