Disintegration agent

(Md Anisuzzaman) #1

Why Disintegration agent is used in two part for Tablet formulation?

(Sajjad Ahmad) #2

its called double disintegration.
First part is added befor wetting and 2nd part is aded in final blending.
when tablet is compressed
Disintegrnt added in final blending break tablet into grains and then disintegrnt aded before wetting further breaks granules.

(Sajjad Ahmad) #3

its help for better disintegrnton and dissoluton results in case of hard grains or solve problem of poor dissolution

(Md Anisuzzaman) #4

Thank u…

(Md. Saifullah Khan) #5

In case of superdisintegrant (eg, Sodium starch glycolate), is same rule applicable?

(Sajjad Ahmad) #6