Disinfectant to be used in API

what are the cleaning disinfectant to be used in API industry?

There is nothing special for API, use generally used disinfectants like Dittol, Savlon etc.

We can use korsolex,microbacforte,bacillocid special i think so…

Disinfectants like,Aldosan,Lysoformin,virosil…has activity againist sporocidal,bactericidal,fungicidal. These are majar disinfectants using in API.

Disinfection should be done through out a validated procedure , only validated disinfectant which are sporocidal, fungicide, bactericidal , viricidal can be used depending upon critically of products

Can u plz tell me that what r the ingredients in Dettol?

USP Chapter 1072 and PDA TR 70 are very useful

The following link is also useful