Direct compression method

(vijay kumar) #1

Sifting and blending method we done. For one project but when we compressed the blend we observed tablet hardness issues. For the first Precompression tablet hardness is reached as per BMR hardness limit after that in main compression and precompression also we are unable to reach hardness ?

(Sajjad Ahmad) #2

is there any problem related to powder flow or weight variation?

(Shibadutta mohanty) #3

What kind of binder u r using in ur formulation

(vijay kumar) #4

No weight variation and good flow properties

(vijay kumar) #5

Calcium carbonate phosphate binder

(Sajjad Ahmad) #6

try to make slugs.

(vijay kumar) #8

It’s not a slugging method,we can’t proposed to slugging method

(vijay kumar) #9

There have a any option to increase hardness

(Sajjad Ahmad) #10

u r not using wet granulation method?
u r using simple mixing(Direct compression method)

(Sajjad Ahmad) #11

If using direct compression then use spray dried lactose n avicel 102 type exceptients.

(Sajjad Ahmad) #12

if no option to change excipients then make machine adjustments.
reduce speed

(vijay kumar) #13

machine speed and tools penetration and all we done but no results

(Sajjad Ahmad) #14

can u share formulation?

(Md.Asif Hussain) #15

If it’s regular commercial batch, this type of reprocessing need management approval… ideally not allowed…


(Sajjad Ahmad) #16

batch will be on trouble shoting by product development.

(vijay kumar) #17

Ya but I want know what is the issue in this

(Sajjad Ahmad) #18

kindly share excepients?

(vijay kumar) #19

(Sajjad Ahmad) #20

check by increasing qty of MCC