Difference between Loss on Dry & karl fischer moisture test

What is difference between loss on dry & determination of moisture content by karl fischer?

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In LOD Water content and solvent content are determined while in water by KF determines moisture content only.


LoD: water content + solvents percent
Kf mc: we get only water percent


karl fischer method(titration) is a method measures only the water content in a product sample where as loss on drying is a method to designed to measure the amount of water and volatile matters in a product sample when the product sample is dried under specified temerature.


I prefer MC in dealing with wet-granulated powder because it gives a direct info on the moisture content of the granules after drying.
You may use LOD in cases where the granulation vehicle is not water or is not entirely water.

what are the possibilities to get M.C results below the specification limit.

what are the possibilities to get MC results low in finished product

LOD is a physical test. Water of crystallization will not be removed. KF is a chemical analysis any H2O present will react.


May be over drying water content result comes low


In LOD = we can determine Water + Organic volatile solvent content
in KF = We can determine only Water content

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