Difference Between Glidant, Lubricant and Anti adherent

What is the Difference Between Glidant, Lubricant and Anti adherent with example and permitted range of their Concentration?

The key difference between lubricant glidant and anti adherent is that the lubricant reduces the friction while the glidant promotes the flowability of a powder whereas the anti adherent provides non-sticking properties.

Lubricants are substances that we use in tablet and capsule formulations in order to reduce the friction. That is, this component can reduce the friction between particles that we use to make the tablet during compression. Moreover, these components can reduce the friction between the walls of the tablet and the walls of the cavity in which we produce the tablets.
the concentration of this component should not exceed 1% in order to get a maximum flow rate. Some common examples of lubricants that we use in pharmaceutical productions are stearic acid and calcium or magnesium salts of stearic acid.

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Glidants are substances that we use to increase the flowability of a powder. That means it promotes the flow of the tablet granules (or the powder). It does so by reducing the friction between these granules.
Some common glidants that we use in the pharmaceutical industry are talc, starch, colloidal silica, silicates, etc. Among them, the traditional glidant is talc.
These compounds ensure the flow of the granules of a formulation up to a certain optimum concentration. If the concentration of the glidant exceeds this optimum concentration, it may cause a drag action which reduces the flow rate.

Anti-adherents are substances that can prevent the tablet from its adhesion properties. Therefore we can call them “non-sticking agents”. These substances can avoid the adhesion of the tablet surface to the wall of the cavity where we produce the tablet. As anti-adherents, we can use water-insoluble lubricants such as magnesium stearate, talc and starch.

Lubricants reduce friction between particles and machine parts.
Comonly prevent sticking to die walls.
Lubricants are of two types
Hydrophobic eg mg stearate
Hydrophilic Sod steryl fumarate

glidents improve flow by reducing interparticle friction

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