Differance between WFI and PW

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           What is the Differance between WFI and PW ?

Bacterial count limit for PW is 100 cfu/ml and for WFI is 10cfu/100ml

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Kindly mention refrence…

Sir what is cfu

Colony forming unit

With microbiological specifications, also WFI should have <0.25 IU/ml Endotoxin…

Sir, what is IU

IU is a international unit.

what is WFI

0.25 EU/ml

It is not IU/ml

water for injection,

Sir , IU and EU are same isn’t it? IU means International unit and EU means endo toxin unit. 1 IU = 1 EU

Endotoxin is expressed in EU.1 EU is equivalent to 1 IU.

EU full form is ENDOTOXIN UNIT,


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