Dedicated Sampling tools

Is it necessary to have dedicated sampling tools for each raw material during dispensing activity?

All sampling tools and implements (accessories) should be made of inert materials and kept scrupulously clean. After use or before reuse, they should be thoroughly washed, rinsed with water or suitable solvent, and dried. They should be stored in clean conditions. Adequate washing facilities should be provided in, or in close proximity to, the sampling area, otherwise samplers will need to bring separate clean sets of implements for sampling each product. The cleaning procedure used for all sampling tools and implements should be documented and recorded. The adequacy of the cleaning procedure for the material from which the sampling tool is made should be demonstrated. The use of disposable sampling materials has distinct advantages.

Reference: WHO guidelines for sampling of pharmaceutical products and related materials
Annex- 4, WHO Technical Report Series, No. 929, 2005

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