Cross over bench

what is the purpose of keeping cross over bench, in the entrance of clean room?

Cross over bench is GMP practice for pharmaceutical industry.
This practice differntiate between unclassified area to higenic area.
In simple terms we can state that leaving street wear,shoes, unwanted particals And enter through well cleaned PPE (personel protection equipment i.e. boiler suit,hood, goggles)

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Dear SIr,
Insted of cross over bentch,Can we segregate the area with food grade acrylic sheet

you mean cross over bench of acrylic sheet?!!
Ideally cross over bench are of SS 304, I dont think there is need of acrylic sheet…


I want to ask, can we segregate the area by using any other barrier like food grade sheet or SS sheet instead of crossover bench.Or crossover bench is mandatory .

Cross over bench is not a mandatory tool, it is Mainly used for interference of personnel movements from one area to another area you will be mark with any colour sticker

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Exactly i want to Know the same .