Cross over bench at the entery of a QC lab, Is that mandatory?

Dear Colleagues,
Is that mandatoryl good practice to set a crossover bench at the entry of a quality control lab (not microbial lab)? Please share your insights

In my view, It is not really mandatory, but any person entering should wear overgown/lab coat and saftey shoes while entering QC lab.

Dear AsifHusssian,
Thanks for your reply. I appreciate that but what about visitors? Do they need to put on shoe covers as it’s almost impossible to provide safety shoes for them?

Yes I agree with ur comments.for visitors we will provide shooe covers.

Yes any visitor come to QC lab, must have to provide safety shoes for them, because any person who is not belong to QC department in general practice we provide him safety shoes to him then same treatment for visitor also, its show your Good Manufacturing Practice in regular working and prove the company rules & regulation discipline.

Not mandated by any regulator. As long as you are able to provide justification /rationale with evidence that the contamination is prevented while entry exit and that change over is not contributing to the contamination then it should be fine.

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The use of Cross over bench in QC is not regulatory requirement but general industrial practices. Its also help to segregate cleaned and uncleaned area. Which means the area after the cross over bench is more clean than the area before. its a requirement for a good entry exit procedure. After wearing shoe cover one by one on cross over you covers the contamination of street shoes of visitors. So the area before cross over is less clean than area after cross over bench.



Dear Colleagues,
its not not mandated by any regulator but to avoid the foreign/dust contamination from out side its always better , while entering the QC lab cross over bench is good, additionally whenever other persons is going to enter , who doesn’t aware the entry procedure of lab for those persons its traffic Signal stop

its not not mandated by any regulator but its typical human tendency that if we kept a barrier at any entrance with proper designing i.e. cross over bench with personal protective equipment we always think that beyond the entrace area might have follow c GMP/GLP & its create psychological impact on any entracer i.e. visitor/ vendor/other cross department(representative).